Our Partner

To realize the vision and mission of the Riak Bumi Foundation, we certainly cannot work alone. Therefore we work with several institutions as our partners including:

  1. Government Institutions: Betung Kerihun and Danau Sentarum National Parks, Department of Public Housing, Land and Environment of Kapuas Hulu, Regional Planning Agency of Kapuas Hulu, Department of Environment and Forestry of West Kalimantan Province, Natural Resources Conservation Center, West Kalimantan Province.
  2. Community institutions: Labian Leboyan Watershed Community Forum, Tengkawang Community Group of Kapuas Hulu, Periau (Honey Collector Group) Danau Sentarum Association (APDS), Periau Muara Belitung Association (APMB).
  3. Private sector: PT. Forest Wise, PD. Dian Niaga Jakarta, Arcia Oli, PT. UKMI Jakarta, PT. Kopernik, PT. Lamin Betang Persada, PARARA Indonesia.
  4. Research Institutions: CIFOR-ICRAFT, Center for Forest Research and Development and Nature Conservation, Center for Research and Development of Dipterocarp Forest Ecosystems.
  5. Donors: Partnership for Forest, GIZ BioFrame, Darwin Initiative, NTFP-Exchange Programme, CORDAID, BothENDS Netherlands, My Transform-Malaysia, Otter Foundation, Ford Foundation, UNDP, DFID, IUCN Netherlands, Rich Forests, Anton Jurgens Fundation.
  6. Networks: Indonesian Forest Honey Network (JMHI), Tengkawang Kalimantan Network, Madhu Duniya Network, NTFP-EP Asia and South East Asia, Api Mondia Network, People and Plants International.

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