Who Are We

Riak Bumi is an Indonesian community-based natural resource management (CBNRM) NGO based in West Kalimantan. It was founded on 9 September 2000 with a commitment to countering trends that further marginalize rural and indigenous communities and disrupt the balance of healthy ecosystems. We believe that the only way to achieve both conservation and community welfare is through the empowerment of local people.

We work in the communities living within and around the Danau Sentarum National Park, which is an important wetlands conservation area. The founders of this organization are natives of the Danau Sentarum area and have been involved in conservation and community development work since 1995. We are a non-partisan, non-sectarian group, and welcome the participation of all people regardless of their ethnicity, race, gender or religion.

Our Mission

To create a balance between the welfare of local communities and their environment by:

  • Increasing the capacity of local communities in the sustainable management of their natural resources through facilitation and technical assistance
  • Increasing the awareness of local communities about the wealth and potentials of local natural resources, as well as their limitations (Environmental outreach and education)
  • Increasing marginal communities’ access to information and appropriate technology studying the practices of local communities and the conditions of their surrounding natural environment
  • Guiding local decision-making and policies in natural resources management 
  • Promoting community-based natural resource management in local policy-making

What We Do

Community training

to increase honey production and quality as an economically- and environmentally-sustainable income source (organizing local honey harvester groups)

Participatory reforestation

in forest-fire sites with local species utilized by wild honey bees

Forest fire prevention

through raising awareness, organizing communities and strengthening customary rules

Facilitation of community

access to outside markets for non-timber natural products (honey and beeswax, resin, etc.)

Exploration and development

of other non-timber income generating potentials (e.g. community-based tourism – socially and environmentally responsible)
suara bekakak februari 2013

Education & public outreach

Publication of quarterly community bulletin – SUARA BEKAKAK, Annual World Wetlands Day activities in local elementary schools, Financial and material aid for students and teachers

Facilitation of stakeholder

involvement in the management of conservation areas (work with government agencies and local communities): redefining borders and regulations that are compatible with community welfare and environmental conservation

Community-based fisheries

(Sink-source investigation, management through strengthening existing local customary laws and regulations)


of Danau Sentarum National Park management plan in cooperation with relevant government agencies and local communities

Our Products

Forest Honey

Where We Work

danau sentarum

Riak Bumi is active in the rural communities within and around the Danau Sentarum National Park in the Kapuas Hulu district of West Kalimantan, Indonesia. Even though thousands of people who live in the area still rely heavily on its natural resources, the 132,000 hectare area was designated as a wildlife reserve in 1992.

And then as a national park in 1999 because of its significance as a unique wetlands ecosystem and as a water reservoir for the Kapuas River, the longest river in Indonesia which traverses the length of the province. The area has also been designated as a wetland of international importance in 1994 under the Ramsar Convention.

To ensure that the livelihood and welfare of these communities are not compromised, while also achieving the purpose of conservation in this important wetlands area, Riak Bumi strives to promote development in communities that is sustainable and in line with conservation objectives through the following programs:

1. Community Facilitation and Empowerment
2. Habitat Restoration and Monitoring
3. Environmental Awareness Outreach and Education

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