Our Mission

To create a balance between the welfare of local communities and their environment by:

  • Increase the capacity of local communities in the management and use of natural resources in a sustainable manner through facilitation and technical assistance, so as to increase community income and in line with conservation principles.
  • Increasing the awareness of local communities about the wealth biodiversity and potential of local natural resources, as well as their limitations, so that they can be developed or utilized in sustainable ways (Environmental outreach and education).
  • Increasing marginal communities' access to information and appropriate technology to process natural resources to be more effective and efficient to produce better product quality by studying the practices of local communities and the conditions of their surrounding natural environment.
  • Support local communities in fighting for their land rights and legal recognition in the management of their territory and natural resources with good and sustainable practices from indigenous knowledge (Social Forestry scheme).
  • Promoting community-based natural resource management in local policy-making by involving them together with stakeholders in discussing, planning, and implementing integrated management with a landscape approach.
  • Protection of important flora and fauna (orangutan, langur sentarum, hornbill, illipe nuts, super red Arowana fish, etc.) with a community-based conservation approach that provides benefits to local communities.
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