Where We Work

Riak Bumi is active in the rural communities within and around the Danau Sentarum National Park in the Kapuas Hulu district of West Kalimantan, Indonesia. Even though thousands of people who live in the area still rely heavily on its natural resources, the 132,000 hectare area was designated as a wildlife reserve in 1992.

And then as a national park in 1999 because of its significance as a unique wetlands ecosystem and as a water reservoir for the Kapuas River, the longest river in Indonesia which traverses the length of the province. The area has also been designated as a wetland of international importance in 1994 under the Ramsar Convention. To ensure that the livelihood and welfare of these communities are not compromised, while also achieving the purpose of conservation in this important wetlands area, Riak Bumi strives to promote development in communities that is sustainable and in line with conservation objectives through the following programs:

1. Community Facilitation and Empowerment
2. Habitat Restoration and Monitoring
3. Environmental Awareness Outreach and Education

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