What We Do

  • Community training to increase honey production and quality as an economically- and environmentally-sustainable income source (organizing local honey harvester groups)
  • Participatory reforestation in forest-fire sites with local species utilized by wild honey bees
  • Forest fire prevention through raising awareness, organizing communities and strengthening customary rules
  • Facilitation of community access to outside markets for non-timber natural products (honey and beeswax, resin, etc.)
  • Exploration and development of other non-timber income generating potentials (e.g. community-based tourism - socially and environmentally responsible)
  • Education and public outreach (Publication of quarterly community bulletin - SUARA BEKAKAK, Annual World Wetlands Day activities in local elementary schools, Financial and material aid for students and teachers - thanks to gracious donations from PD. Dian Niaga, Jakarta)
  • Facilitation of stakeholder involvement in the management of conservation areas (work with government agencies and local communities): redefining borders and regulations that are compatible with community welfare and environmental conservation
  • Community-based fisheries management (Sink-source investigation, management through strengthening existing local customary laws and regulations)
  • Implementation of Danau Sentarum National Park management plan in cooperation with relevant government agencies and local communities
  • Studies and follow-up action on the social economic and environmental impacts of activities around DSNP on wetlands and watershed conservation: logging (legal and illegal), and land conversion (oil palm and industrial tree plantations, mining)
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