Tengkawang (Illipe Butter)

Tengkawang butter is a vegetable fat from tropical rain forests which is endemic to the island of Borneo!

Tengkawang is a tree species that belongs to the family Dipterocarpaceae, and the genus Shorea. There are several types of Shorea commonly called tengkawang. Of all the existing types of tengkawang, the most processed and processed to become tengkawang butter is the Tengkawang Tungkul or Shorea stenoptera type with the shape and size of the fruit and seeds being larger than other types of tengkawang.

From the 2017 tengkawang fruit production data, it covers 73 villages in 8 regencies, West Kalimantan Province with an area of about 9,653 km2 managed by 22,644 families or 122,122 people in areas that have tengkawang potential. With a total production in one harvest season of as much as 6,048 tons. From Kapuas Hulu Regency there are 1,893 tons. Riak Bumi facilitated the Labian Village community in Batang Lupar District, Kapuas Hulu Regency with a total of 38,575 kg of dried tengkawang fruit collected in 2014, while for 2019 it was 14,186 kg.

Tengkawang butter can traditionally be consumed directly, usually the Dayak people in Kalimantan use tengkawang butter as a mixture to eat warm rice. In the industrial world, tengkawang butter is used as a substitute for cocoa butter, cosmetic ingredients, pharmaceutical ingredients, margarine, candles and soap. As a cosmetic, tengkawang is used for body, hair and skin care products, namely sun protection, cream, soap, lipstick, lip balm, make-up foundation, and hair conditioner.

Tengkawang has extraordinary moisturizing properties and is able to restore skin elasticity, improve skin pH, and as an effective protective, calming, and anti-wrinkle skin. Tengkawang butter is useful for moisturizing dry skin and lips, reducing wrinkles and delaying premature aging, restoring scars and stretch marks, overcoming sunburned skin, helping to repair damaged skin and rough skin (such as on the feet), and ulcers on the skin. mouth and repair dry hair or hair that is frequently treated with chemicals such as in curling, dyeing or straightening.

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